Gmail Spam Filter Prevention And SSL

How Do Spam Email Filters Work?

No matter the organization, many email marketing campaigns find themselves circling back to the basic questions: how does a spam email filter work and why do some email messages go straight to spam instead of the inbox?

The way different spam email filters work varies. Most webmail providers use their own internal algorithms and metrics to determine a spam score and conduct email filtering. However, your email sending reputation, the quality of the content of your email messages, and your subscriber engagement (e.g., open and click rates) all have a significant impact on whether your emails are caught in a spam filter.

To help ensure webmail providers don’t report spam email for your email address and campaigns, be sure that you are using proper email authentication and that your sending Internal protocol (IP) reputation is good. In terms of email authentication, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are the major standards used by most Internet service providers (ISPs) and spam filter providers. Furthermore, your sending reputation is also determined by a number of factors, including blacklisting, bounce rates, spam complaints, and a lack of sending IP history.

As far as content, avoid formatting that indicates your email is spam, such as:

  • Using a wide variety of font sizes (especially bigger than 12 point), styles, and colors
  • Using all uppercase letters
  • Including a link to several link different domains
  • Using exclamation points in the subject line
  • Using symbols and numbers to help spell words
  • Including too many large images.

Maintaining a high-quality email list is also key to getting through a spam filter. If you send email campaigns to an invalid email address or to prospects and customers who consistently don’t open or click your email messages, your email reputation and deliverability will suffer.

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