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  • Causenta wellness is the Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona. It's a dynamic wellness and fitness clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, led by an incredible pioneer in athletic medicine and wellness therapies.They combine the benefits of allopathic with naturopathic medicine and uncover the root cause of what holds you back, so you feel better than ever.

    They are healthcare company located in Scottsdale, AZ that combines principles from complementary, alternative, homeopathic, allopathic, and other types of medicine to create the best possible treatments. Our physical location includes a fully functional world class designed gym, about 30 medical offices with technologies from around the world.They utilize comprehensive testing procedures to determine the sources of disease, not just the symptoms, and pinpoint biochemical and physiological barriers in your body that are the cause of disease, poor health and poor performance.


    Phone No- 480-883-7240

Causenta Wellness

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